Pic Committee Meeting Winter 2015 in Chicago


Documents Available

June 25, 2015

The draft minutes from the 2015 Winter Meeting in Chicago are available for viewing and download on the "Minutes" page. Additionally, the agenda for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Atlanta is available on the "Minutes" page.

Atlanta Meeting - Additional Information

June 22, 2015

For anyone interested in a follow-up on the Forum, Conquering Infectious Diseases in Health Care, which was held at the 2015 Winter Meeting in Chicago, please attend the Infectious Diseases Subcommittee meeting.

Atlanta Meeting - Programs Agenda

June 22, 2015

TC 9.6 is sponsoring Seminar 62 - Natural Ventilation: Balancing Health and Energy in Health and Energy in Health-Care Facilities. The seminar will be held Wednesday July 1st at 11am, in Salon 'C'.

Additional programs of interest/healthcare related are:

  • Technical Paper Session 2 - Health-Care Systems (Sunday 9:45am, room 206/207)
  • Conference Paper Session 6 - IAQ and Thermal Comfort around the World (Monday 8:00am, room 206/207)
  • Seminar 35 - Comfort and Health (Tuesday 8:00am, room 206/207) Presentation on personalized exhaust system for airborne infection control in Health-Care

Atlanta Annual Meeting Schedule

May 30, 2015

Society has published the TC/TG/SPC meeting schedule on the Atlanta Meeting website in PDF format. The table below shows the schedule for TC 9.6 and the subcommittees.

All meetings are scheduled in Atlanta Hilton. The number in parenthesis beside the room assignment is the floor location.
Group Date Time Location
Water Subcommittee June 28 9-10 am Pavilion 5 (2)
Infectious Diseases Subcommittee June 28 10 am-12 pm Pavilion 5 (2)
Research Subcommittee June 28 1-2 pm Pavilion 5 (2)
Handbook Subcommittee June 28 2-3 pm Pavilion 5 (2)
Energy Subcommittee June 28 3-4 pm Pavilion 5 (2)
Program Subcommittee June 28 4-5 pm Pavilion 5 (2)
"Full" Committee June 28 5-7 pm Grand Ballroom C (2)

Society's Winter 2015 Research & Technical Activities Report

February 23,2015

The winter 2015 Research & Technical Activities Report is available here.

The winter meetings of the Research Administration Committee (RAC), Technical Activities Committee (TAC), Technology Council, and the Board were recently completed with the results in the report. This report also includes information for RAC's and TAC's upcoming annual meeting.

Request for Reviewers

January 27, 2015

We are looking for TC 9.6 members who are willing to review papers for ASHRAE. Please send your contact information to Lynda Herrig, Programs Sub-committee Chair, if you are interested in reviewing. Additionally, if you have specific areas of interest for the papers you want to review, please list those in the response.

Request for Programs

January 2015

TC 09.06 made a fabulous showing with programs for the Chicago meeting and we want to continue the momentum. The window for submitting program proposals for seminars and workshops is January 5 to February 9, 2015. If you have a program abstract ready to go, you can begin the submission process here. http://ashraem.confex.com/ashraem/s15/cfp.cgi

Upcoming Meetings

ASHRAE 2015 Annual Meeting

Pic Atlanta Sky Line

Atlanta, Georgia

June 27 to July 1, 2015