Pic Committee Meeting Winter 2015 in Chicago


Two Presentations Available

January 31, 2017

A PDF copy of the presentation, Academic Research to Support Facility Guidelines Institute and ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170is available here. Additionally, a link to the spreadsheet mentioned in the presentation is available here

A PDF copy of the presentation to 9.6 from the MTG on Air Change Rate is available here

Documents Available

January 29, 2017, 07:30 PST

The draft minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting in St. Louis are available for viewing and download on the "Minutes" page.

The agenda for the 2017 Winter Meeting in Las Vegas are also available for viewing and download on the "Minutes" page.

Las Vegas Meeting Schedule

January 29, 2017

Group Date Time Room, Venue, Floor
Water Subcommittee Jan 29 9-10 am Pisa, Caesars, Prom
Infectious Diseases Subcommittee Jan 29 10 am-12 pm Pisa, Caesars, Prom
Research Subcommittee Jan 29 1-2 pm Pisa, Caesars, Prom
Handbook Subcommittee Jan 29 2-3 pm Pisa, Caesars, Prom
Energy Subcommittee Jan 29 3-4 pm Pisa, Caesars, Prom
Program Subcommittee Jan 29 4-5 pm Pisa, Caesars, Prom
"Full" Committee Jan 29 5-7 pm Roman III, Caesars, Prom